milk opal – amethyst – lapis lazuli – garnet
carnelian – orange calcite – clear quartz

To celebrate 10 years of Vitajuwel providing the world with gem water blends, the Anniversary Edition Jubilee Ayurveda has been created to mark this special occasion.

Jubilee Ayurveda is available as a ViA bottle and a VitaJuwel Gemstone Vial.

The word Ayurveda means "science of life" and has been the traditional holistic system of Indian medicine for over than 3000 years. Ayurveda gem therapy claims that every gem has properties that can help to balance specific doshas and heal certain physical or emotional conditions. Walter von Holst, one of the most important representatives of modern crystal healing research, helped VitaJuwel create this blend with a focus on the seven basic Ayurvedic tissues.

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Recently, some cheap look-alikes of the Vitajuwel water bottle have found their way in to our market place. Some of these products expose the user to contaminants as the gemstones are immersed directly in the water that you drink. 

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