About VitaJuwel


The founders of VitaJuwel and their family have lived in Southern Germany for more than ten generations. Their home is nestled amidst untouched nature with the sounds of crickets and frogs near mountain streams and glacier lakes.

Inspired by their natural environment, the family drew on the ancient tradition of placing gemstones in their carafes of water. This was the fundamental principle in producing today’s VitaJuwel products.

The gemstones, however, needed regular cleaning. Also, the water was directly exposed to any possible contaminants from the gemstones. In 2007, an ingenious idea from a family member addressed these concerns. The idea was to seal the gemstones within a glass vial, and in that way protect the water from direct exposure to the gemstones. This method of containing the gemstones within a glass vial, resulted in creating drinking water that is hygienic, natural and sustainable.

The innovative practice of energizing and producing quality water, using crystals contained in a safe glass medium, is the basis of the "VITAJUWEL PRINCIPLE". This is the fundamental difference which elevates Vitajuwel above other inferior products, which expose the consumer to the risk of unsafe drinking water.

This concept has been refined over many years, offering a wide range of gemstone blends and products. It has developed into a business that ships products from Scheidegg, Germany to more than 60 distributors worldwide.

Over 10,000 customers every month purchase a VitaJuwel gemwater product. VitaJuwel will help you fall in love with the water you drink!
VitaJuwel is recognized worldwide for its quality products, which enhance our health, well-being and vitality. 


VitaJuwel Australia is represented and distributed by Ralph Silverman and Antonia Pascalis. 

Ralph Silverman and Antonia Pascalis

Email: ralph@pastillanash.com
Mobile: 0418 236 629