Why Choose Vitajuwel?

Vitajuwel are the ultimate in crystal water products, designed and manufactured in Germany and made from lead-free, non-pollutant Czechoslovakian glass...

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The VitaJuwel Method

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The time-honoured practice of vitalising water with gemstones/crystals has been scientifically proven to increase the bio-availability of minerals and improve PH-value and oxygen content.

Recently, this age-old tradition has been rediscovered and tailored for the modern world.

Gemstones have the unique ability to store energy. It’s a property that makes quartz watches work, for example! Each type of gem, by nature, has a unique energetic charge.

The semi-precious gemstones inside VitaJuwel vials transfer their energy to the water that surrounds the vial improving the water’s vitalisation level, that is comparable to pure spring water.

The gems are safe inside a glass lead free vessel while preserving their unique effect on the water and protecting from possible contaminants in the gems. The Stainless Steel Caps feature BPA-free plastic lining and a silicon seal.

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What's gem water about?

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Frequently Asked Questions

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