Why Choose Vitajuwel


The ultimate in crystal water products

  • Vitajuwel is an established, reputable company with over 10 years of experience in producing gem water products. 
  • Designed and manufactured in Germany.
  • Made from lead-free, non-pollutant Czechoslovakian glass.
  • Vitajuwel products have world-wide patents.
  • Superior to others and unique to Vitajuwel, the gemstones are sealed in glass vials and pods. The benefits of this special patented design are:
      • Your drinking water is protected from any possible contaminants.
      • No need to clean the gemstones as they are sealed in glass
      • Safe and hygienic gem water.
  • Based on many years of research, Vitajuwel has developed 13 carefully blended gemstone mixtures.
  • Each gemstone mixture offers its own particular well-being benefits.
  • Vitajuwel gem water has been scientifically tested at the Institute Hagalis AG.

The results demonstrate:

      • Significant improvement in the quality of the water.
      • Improvement of ph-value.
      • Increase in the oxygen content.
      • A crystalline structure that is comparable to pure spring water.
  • Vitajuwel gemstones are all sustainably sourced, have Fair Trade certification and the GKS seal of quality.
  • Vitajuwel is internationally recognized as the world’s leading producer of ethical and sustainable gem water products. Its success is evident with strong distribution to over 60 countries worldwide.